A million bucks

Posted by Michelle on March 4, 2012 at 3:25 PM

If you has a million bucks, how much would you give away? I hate excess, hate clutter, hate having more than I need so I wouldn't buy more stuff. I'm ok with old things that work.

I would however like to own my own energy sufficient/green home and eliminate my current rent expense. I'd buy my mother a modern home. She lives in the hood. I'd pay off debts, take my daughter to disneyland, put money away for my daugther's schooling, head to africa where I would work with locals to provide for the needy - clean water, shelter, food, medicine. I'm not big on passing out money unless it's absolutely necessary so I can't think of anything else right now. Any thoughts?

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Reply Robert Middlebrook
9:30 AM on March 15, 2012 
I would not give any away. If anything you can guardian that money most responsibly till your passing and have a local bank put it in bonds with the proceeds going to scholarships, or even a local library for books. You must be specific and ironclad so they cannot stick it in their petty cash and buy flowers for the back room. But that is a way for your money to give more than by just giving it away. Once you in fact give it away it would be gone for good. Imagine seeing a greater need later. If you wish to give consider what the return is on local bonds. If you give money away you have less. If you give away interest you still have less value but still have your nest egg. I would recommend buying local bonds or CD and donating that to your local charities. Seek setting up a scholarship or library book fund that only buys yearly with interest payments. You can give, or you can give every year for eternity or until banks and society fails. In schools everyone will know your name when they apply for the scholarship. Same with having a little tag...this book bought by the fund of Ms.....